Tiny House vs RV

Tiny houses can be built on a trailer (for mobility) or on a traditional foundation.







The look and feel of a tiny house is of a home, unlike RV’s. They are built with high quality building materials. They can be remodeled. (Have you ever tried to remodel an RV?) The designs and styles are a huge departure from a mobile home.


They appeal to those desiring to downsize and to live a more minimalist lifestyle.


The design takes up less space. They leave smaller carbon footprint. They can be built with recycled materials and the “Off the grid” units have less energy needs and create less waste.


Tiny houses are built to normal house quality (Often better). Many mobile homes and RV’s are built of low quality material and poorly insulated. Tiny houses are well insulated have better roof structures (How many tarps have you seen on an RV?) and are easily heated. This results in a better return on energy spent on heating and cooling. You see better efficiencies across the board.


The financial benefits are astounding, from no mortgage payments to less cost for renovations, maintenance and initial building cost. You save a lot of money. The average price (before the economic downturn) was around 230,000 by conservative estimates! The average person will spend a third of their income over their lives on housing. This is money that could be spent on travel, education or charity.


This will not apply to all of you, but what better way to free up your time money and responsibilities and there is a large appeal to create a house of you own. The cost saving are obvious where labor cost of construction often amount to 40% or more.




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